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Why I am with Academia and what I am doing ??

Why I am with Academia and what I am doing ??

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Hi There 🙂 , 

The other day I was discussing something with of my collegue and I asked him a question 

“Hey – what is your teacher doing – what he is interested in ???”

Well the aswer was very fuzzy and full of fog. So it has inspired me if MY STUDENTs know – what I am doing, why I am doing and why I like what I am doing.Let me me express why I am still 🙂 on Academia and why I think it is worthed to stay on Academia. One of the aswers could be that NO other company would hire me 🙂 🙂 – but I do have some resasons why I want to be here (still…:) . 

So question #1 : Why I am stuck at the Academia ?

  1. Becasue I DO feel that Future is important for my kids – and I am meeting future every  day especially when I am getting older and older. I think interaction with students is very inspiring. I have one of my former student – the person is critisising me all the time – sometimes I am angry – but on the end of the day I am very thanful to that person – since I need to think about me how to improve. 
  2. Becasue I think Artificial Intelligence will influence our lives and I want to help people to live with technology and witness how technology can be helpfull and usefull. I really want to be (I am sure I am not) on the leading edge of technology on this planet. I have traveling all my carrier and had many visit in international labs and had talks in number of lab worldwide . Let me list it                        

Kent State University, USA (1996)

Czech Academy of Science (1998)

University of Dortmund (1998)

University of Helsinky (2001)

Chinese University, Hongkong (2002)

Tokyo Institute of Technology (2002)

Siemens Vienna (2003)

Waseda University ,Tokyo (2005)

Tokyo Institute of Technology (2005)

Hungarian Academy of Science (2010)

University of Czenstochova, Poland, (2010)

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2010)

University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic (2012)

Toyota Company, Toyota, Japan(2012)

Chukyo Univeristy, Nagoya, Japan(2012)

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2012)

University of Tsukuba, Japan (2012)

University of Tokyo (2012)

Korean Advanced Institute of Technology (2012)

Kitakyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, 

Advance Telecomunication Institute International, Japan, 

TokyoTechn, Japan, (2014)

        I have learned many things during these visits. Each visit was a big challenge and big chance for comparison and selfimporvement.

  1. Because my activity at University  gives me possibility to follow and bridge these information to new generation and I was to be supporting that Slovakia is not country of humanoid robots 🙂 🙂 but country of creative people. 

    So the  question #2  – What I am doing or what is my domain of interest ????

My background is in image  processing. I was working a Local Smooting Operators in Image processing for my Diploma Thesis. Later I was working in multispectral satellite image classification and my PhD Thesis was about Multispectral Image filtering and Fisher classification in multidimensional feature space. Later I switch to University and I went to Scotland to learn more about Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic at University of Stirling, Scotland. Neural networks namely ART like neural networks are my favorites for classification and clustering for any kind of date. 

       In not far past I have decided – inspired my some of my students to slowly change somain into Intelligent Robotics – namely Humanoid Robotics. I was also inspirated by number of Japanes coleagues and tried to get funding to buy humanoid platforms and inspire students to work with them. Now we have number of robots in the lab and I am experiencing pros and cons of working with them. 

    My main insterest is learning systems and I am fasctinated by learning system in Robotics. I think the Robotics domain is only slowly revealing Artificial Intelligence and I want to work in this domain and be part of WORLD initiative for USELFULL utilization of humanoid Robots for mankind. Som here is a list of challenges what I am trying to adress: 

Cloud Robotics 

From Teleoperation to Autonomity 

Social Robotics and interaction between Robots and Humans

Integrated Software for Cloud Crowdsourcing 

Building Cloud Intelligence for Robots

Internet of Things and Intelligent space for Robots 

Certainly – I am doing nothing 🙂 only my students are adressing these issues and I hope that our brianstorming discission can bring something for research, innovation and future of Artificial Intelligence for Humans. 

So Thank you IF someone had read these lines and I hope that you fuzzily GUESS I am doing . 

Enjoy the life 🙂


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