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Professional & Personal Interests

Professional & Personal Interests

Professional Interests

My General Interest are Intelligent Systems and their role in the future technologies . My background is in Image processing, pattern recognition mainly statistical Gaussian pattern Recognition in multidimensional Feature space. Neural networks thanks to my friend prof. Leslie Smith from University Stirling, Scotland where I have spent 3 month living with neural networks :)) . I have been inspired with prof. Laszlo Koczy, prof. Imre Rudas (, prof. Kaoru Hirota (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) towards Fuzzy Systems, by prof. H. Takagi Towards Evolutionary Systems

Since Life is changing we ahve to adapt to new time and existence of social media. We have a Facebook group devoted to Machine Intelligence.

Since a time is going very fast – technology starts to influence science and my undertanding of TODAY and Tommorow is in understanding of integration of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Virtual and Mixed Reality , Robotics which are the driving force of new science and technology needs of humans.

Robotics is no more considered as ONLY physical robotics but also Virtual Robotics. I was very inspired by the folowing video : .

All the students and people workig in Artificial Intelligence should think about it. It is really a seismic shift and Technology is influencing science
and not vice-versa.This is and will be very important for presence and future of mankind.

PERSONAL Interests

My general personal interest is how it will look like 20-50 years to come. I think very important is to presenve those part of life which are based on experience – which are wisdoms of people living many years before. I have a deep respect towards Japan and their culture.