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Should be an International Environment in the Reserach Lab

Should be an International Environment in the Reserach Lab

LAST year was very busy for me. I was travelling a lot visiting Germany, Japan and China. My long time goal

(not really long time) is really to get more young people on board the Laboratory and create an International Environment in the LAB.

Why ? Why not. The main reason is that in that case we can compare ourself to others and we can adapt, improve and make some personal desicions for selfimprovement. Why it is important for us to be on the leading edge ??? Because we are influencing a life of our students. I believe that we do need students who are living “out of the box” and the space of activity is NOT SLOVAKIA or even EUROPE but our GLOBE. We are witnessing that many Asian companies are comming to Europe. I would never believe that company from VIETNAM buys a company from GERMANY. So we are going very GLOBAL. And therefore a Global life need GLOBAL people which think Global and work local. I hope that my DREAM to have Chinese , Indian and other students in the Lab will come true one DAY.

Any Help would be appreciated.


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