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The Team @ WORK – why I hate to be a BOSS … All is about DREAMs and RESULTS

The Team @ WORK – why I hate to be a BOSS … All is about DREAMs and RESULTS

I am head of department and in fact legaly I am in charge of  roughly 50 people and many times I am thinking how to create conditions that all the people shoudl feel @work like @home. The basic question is

What can these people UNITE … connect ? Can we find some visions, dreams or challenges ? 

I am witnessing that all the poeple just want to be on their own – that does not want to interact with other people – in fact – all of them want to have secretaries and want to do what they like – but they do not care – what the others are doing .  Well the other day I told to one young fellow of mine – I want you to be my assistent – and the answer was no way – I want to go my way. The question is that I do accept that person can have its own dreams and I do have mine – how about to connect these dreams and work together. Sometimes it is possible – sometimes is NOT. The main issue is to talk and NOT to be silent and guess about others – but be selfconfident and discuss things. 


I believe that in Reserach – we are heading towards larger research colaborative work. Therework LEARNING to colaborate in RESERAch is very IMPORTANT for me. I do not know it – there are several models and we have to have willingness to learn to be collectively CURRIOUS. If we can set up a common question – e.g.

  How Will be the Social Robots Comming to Our Lives ??

So this Question can Unite us and connect our partial dreams and challenges . When those people will understand my QUESTION – and will have their co-dreams with my dream –

I want to be a Leader – NOT a BOOS – what I DO HATE to BE. !!!

This is very inspiring :

How I shoudl behave …

In case if YOU as a HUMAN – you are NOT learning system – you cannot work creative work :

For me is important to recognize the following principle :

Promote the winners and fire the losers.

Every organization has employees you can’t afford to lose and those you can’t afford to keep. Learn to identify them. Promote and motivate the former and get rid of the latter. It’s called weeding and feeding. The result is a beautiful organization.



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