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PhD Position @ Department of Cybernetics and AI – Cloud Robotics & AI

PhD Position @ Department of Cybernetics and AI – Cloud Robotics & AI

Call for PhD student in Cloud Social Robotics

We open one international position for PhD study in branch of Intelligent Systems – one person at Center for Intelligent Technologies
Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Slovakia, EU
( ,

Topic : Cloud Based Artificial Intelligence for Social Robots
Infrastructure : Robots NAO, and Handson MILO. (expected Robot Pepper)

Requirements for candidate:
1. Finished IT branch and MSc. Degree , Programming skills in Visual Studio and C#
2. Basic Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence – general (neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary approaches)
3. Some experience with Clouds computing (preferably AZURE) – OR ambition and willingness to learn Cloud Computing is basic for research
4. Fluent English in Speaking and writing and willingness to write technical reports and scientific papers
5. Full dedication to science and research in Intelligent Robotics and new trends in Cloud computing

Conditions for PhD study :

4 years, Free Accommodation, English based PhD study, Free tuition possibility (depends on the country of origin of the candidate), financial support for stay 6000-7000 Euro per year NETTO (no tax), No other support, Candidate MUST BE – OUTSIDE European UNION !!!!!

Supervisor : prof. Peter Sincak
Pls send your CV to
Deadline: 20th of January, 2017
Possible starting date : 1st of September 2017
Expected defend of the PhD : June 2021
Candidate MUST BE – OUTSIDE European UNION !!!!!


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