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Boring Academia …. Quo Vadis TEACHING ??

Boring Academia …. Quo Vadis TEACHING ??

The other day I talked to person who told me – “The time in Academia is very Boring”. Then I was thinking why – when I come to work to my office – I never have a boring time – I have all the time challenges in front of me. Not about administration – not about publication but about the future. I am interested about the future. So why it is that I do not feel my time in my office boring and maybe some poeple having a boring time ???? I think the main issue is

the ability to rise questions about your domain of interest .

This is essential – people MUST be able to “create” a question and search for answers – they can be trained for it – but they have to realize that it is very important for other people to have ability to ask something. Certainly we have our obligation to create nice environment for our work since I do believe that my office must be nice – since I am hosting students – I do not want them to have depression to stay in my office 🙂 .The same is with students. Those who did not find inspiration at University – they will be just manual workers in IT companies and not creative fellows. 

Academia people cannot have boring time – if so – they will die out of their profession and will not be happy in Academia. Everything is changing and we ahev to be also adaptive. I like the “future professor” forum from Standford. Have a look at 


The role of Academia is to teach BUT – what is teaching ????? We have teaching for today or teaching for tommorow OR for that FUTURE. I am think this video is very nice and we should – mainly seniors take responsibility for a current situation. We are responsible that we have not be able to trigger some processes in the BRAINS of our student…  have a look to this video

What is a way out of these problems … – is very Simple – WORK, WORK and WORK .. and results will come. Any suggestion how to change education are welcomed. This is fundamental for our future. It is a pitty that


Quo Vadis Boring Academia 🙂 🙂 we do need new responsible young people willinng to devote their life to the future of Slovakia.


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