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Decision to study a PhD – DOES NOT mean that you WILL be a PhD…

Decision to study a PhD – DOES NOT mean that you WILL be a PhD…

I had supervised roughly 30 PhD students and success rate is 50 % – means 15 students finished with PhD.

In principle I can divide them into 2 groups :

1. Group #1 – group of young people – curious and creative – considering a PhD as a challenge for life in sense of TOOL to go forward in their curiosity and energy to do something interesting in life. Simply THEY did not want only survive in LIFE but also to CREATE something.

2. Group #2 – group of young people – waiting all the time to my commands and orders – and considering PhD title as a goal and not a TOOL. They hoped that they will have more EASY life if they will be PhD holders.

I like more people from GROUP #1 – I bet this people will be succesful in life – IF they will have STAMINA to WORK HARD. Without HARD work it is very fuzzy to create something – you can survive in life but – it is rather boring. It is my opinion.

What do you think ???


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